Thursday, February 17, 2011

Southern Standard Article February 6, 2011

Sugar Rush coming downtown

If you like the idea of a cupcake
bar coming to Main Street, do I
have a business for you. It’s called
Sugar Rush and it is locating in the
old Capalano’s building in downtown
Two longtime bakers, Kelly
Roberts and Dachelle McVey, have
formed a partnership and will be
opening Sugar Rush in the coming
weeks. They formed a friendship
because their children are classmates
at Boyd Christian and that’s
when they discovered they share a
mutual interest in cakes.
“We complement each other
very well,” said Dachelle. “Kelly is
very elegant. She enjoys making
beautiful wedding cakes. I’m
more of a sculptor. If you want an
orange tractor, that’s up my alley.”
Added Kelly, “I don’t like to do
the same old thing. I like interesting
and challenging. I like threetier,
four-tier, five-tier cakes.”
While both ladies are established
in the cake-baking business,
the cupcake bar is an entirely different
Customers can choose their cupcake
size (small, medium or large),
and their choice of filling, frosting,
and toppings. Kids can watch their
customized cupcake made before
their eyes. Adults can too for that
matter, but it might not seem as
If there’s one thing I can say
about Kelly and Dachelle, it’s they
know how to treat a Business
Pulse writer. They loaded me up
with all kinds of sweets, which
were absolutely delicious. For the
record, the death by chocolate cupcake
and honeybun cake were my
Scott and Lisa Barber still own
the building, which has been
vacant since they moved to
Canada nearly a year ago. The
couple has reportedly turned
down other offers, but decided to
lease the building to Kelly and
“I guess we called at just the
right time because when we asked
he said he’d rent it,” said Dachelle.
With her husband, Dr. Jeff
McVey, in the process of moving
Pioneer Pediatrics to Main Street,
Dachelle is taking it on her on
shoulders to rejuvenate downtown.
“Living here my whole life,
it’s sad to see all the buildings
boarded up and I’d like to help
change that,” said Dachelle.
With a spacious upstairs area,
Kelly said the building is perfect to
reserve for birthday parties, bridal
showers or receptions. She’s toyed
with the idea of teaching art classes
up there and says entertainment
is also a possibility.
“We keep getting the vibe that
people want music here,” said
Kelly. “So we’re going to try to get
someone to come in and play.”
The business will open for a
sneak peek Feb. 12 for the
Downtown by Moonlight event in
conjunction with Valentines Day.
After that, it will probably be a
couple more weeks before it opens
full time.
The phone number is 474-RUSH.

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